RAQUEL DE CARVALHO  is a Brazilian london based knitwear brand that reinvents and challenges traditional knitwear. The brand dismantles gendered stereotypes with a focus on bringing to life ethical garments that are  delicate, bold and sexy.


With a flair  from drama and extravagance, , we explore the body, lace and transparencies . The brand is defined by experimentation with intarsia and lace , pushing the boundaries of mixing textures.


Keeping social responsibility at heart, we aim to find the  best  balance between fashion, people and nature.


Traceability is  really important to us so we are compromised to identify every unique process in the creation of our garments. From the raw materials and the production in London, Brazil  and Italy, we know how and who makes our clothes.


We merge hands-on crafts and technology, developing  fully-fashioned garments with  both artisanal techniques ( upcycling, crochet,  hand knitting and domestic machine knitting ) and electronic machines. Our materials are the best Italian spinners with certified yarns such as Global Recycled Standard, Livaeco, Enka, Ecovero,FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

,GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard, Responsible Wool standard – Responsible Mohair Standard


  Chemical Management 4sustainability® that guarantees us the lowest environmental impact.