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Our pieces are delicate and made with the best quality yarns and unique manufacturing process  so please handle with care and be aware of jewelry and accessories that might pull any yarns.

We have some guidelines below to help you to take care of your pieces but always check your care labels before washing your knitted pieces.


Store your knits folded in a drawer or shelf inside our personalized  storage bags to avoid any pull-outs. Hanging knitwear pieces  can cause the shape and fit to distort.


Our knits are very delicate and are made with special yarns.  Always check the care instructions before proceeding with washing as different yarn composition will demand different care for each piece.


Sometimes, during wear a yarn pull may occur through snagging on jewelry or other objects, this can be mended by pulling the long yarn to the back of the garment and securing this in a knot. We advise that you avoid cutting or pulling the snagged yarn.

We want you to take care of your knit  and encourage any holes to be repaired by darning.

Always make sure to check the garment care instructions.

When washing and drying, avoid exposing your knitwear to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

If you have any questions, please contact us : 

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